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Lebanese Cuisine

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Simply Fresh.

Chicken Shawarma

To make the traditional Middle Eastern shawarma sandwich, we press and stack marinated pieces of chicken on a vertical rotisserie and cook it slowly. The juicy cooked meat is then shaved off and made into a delicious sandwich with vegetables and garlic sauce. 

Shish Tawouk Fattoush

Shish Tawouk are chicken chunks that are cooked and marinated in a pan with special spices. Fattoush is our salad topped with crushed, fried pita bread. Pair these together with some garlic sauce and you've got a delicious meal.


Our falafels are packed with a delicious blend of chickpeas, beans, and spices. They are carefully shaped and fried to become light, fluffy, and the tastiest falafels you will ever have! Paired with our special tahini sauce (tarator), in a plate or a sandwich, it will definitely be your favourite vegetarian meal! 


Fattoush Express

Located conveniently in Ambassador Plaza on Huron Church Rd. and Tecumseh Rd. West, Fattoush Express is a Lebanese restaurant and family business that was established by Alana and Al on April 17th, 2017, along with their daughter and sons. 

fresh & authentic


Fattoush Express offers delicious and authentic Lebanese dishes, and we do so by using fresh products daily, as well as traditional techniques in preparing our dishes. We prepare each dish with a Middle Eastern flare that will be sure to keep our valued customers coming back for more! 

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